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This website will show you all the information you need to know about Halo EFX Performance coatings.

Halo EFX Performance Coatings is a liquid vinyl wrap specially made to be used on cars, motorcicles, scooters, and other vehicles.
Liquid vinyl wrap means, that it is a temporary coating (lasts up to 3 years depending on the circumstances), that you can peel off of the surface whenever you wish to remove it. This allows you to spray your car in 5-7 layers, in a whole different color, and when you’re bored of it, simply peel and remove and the car is back to its original color.

Halo EFX comes in an assortment of primary colors and clear. Halo EFX Real Clear is a great solution for mixing pearls, flakes, and compatible pigment systems, increasing the available color pallet to an almost limitless amount of variety and complexity.
Halo EFX Covert Black, Bright White, and Killa Red, offer unparalleled contrasts in color, living up to the high standard that make up the Halo EFX RCPS line-up.

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